Feedback From Our Clients
I had to catch you up on our success and the positive response your site has garnered with search engines and viewers. We are now on the first page for 12 of the most important insurance search terms in Yahoo, number 1 in the most important life insurance quote and health insurance quote. Similar stories can be told for Looksmart which powers MSN where we are now # 1 for health insurance quote and # 9 for _____ out of 2000 sites.


I can go on and on but you get the picture. Your work was truly superb and well received by both people and spiders that screen thousands of sites.
As would be expected from the top positioning and clean, navigatable site, we are doing brisk business. We partner with a company called ______ for nationwide coverage for health insurance. They are rated the #1 online health insurance company in the country. The CEO of the company called me two days ago to tell me that our company provided the largest chunk of business of any outside source to his company last month.

Thanks again

  "We wanted to let you know how happy we are with our web site. It is so great and everyone we know thinks that is awesome.  It tells a lot about what we do, and gives many different options to our customers. Working with you was so easy, you made it feel like we didn't have to do anything except give you facts.  We are very happy with the graphics, as well as the sound effects. It is perfect, and we are looking forward to adding more to it.  Thank you for helping us with the transition and giving us a professional, user friendly site.
"Take a pile of creativity, mix it with some real world technical ability, add a few valuable industry contacts, throw in a large dose of patience and blend liberally with a sense of humor:  The result? Finger Lakes Webs.
 Thank you for helping us through the maze.  I love working with people who work faster than I do. You're willing to take my ideas, combine them with yours, and shape them to fit a specialized medium. You also, somehow, manage to do this without bruising my ego when my ideas are absolutely inappropriate.
It has been a pleasure working with Finger Lakes Webs to create my web site.  The word collaboration comes quickly to mind because we worked as a team, brainstorming and exploring many possibilities as we went along. 

Fingerlakes Webs is a creative collaborator and they will make every effort to carry our an idea.  The importance of finding a style and format to most effectively represent my business was always the focus of their efforts. Offered insights and suggestions were and are invaluable.

After the site was completed they continued to think of new ideas and is always bringing new techniques to improve the access of the site. Working with them is a creative and energizing experience, and not are the results excellent, but it's a lot of fun.

I chose to use Finger Lakes Webs as my site manager, because my personality requires attention to detail. Marty won't stop until I'm happy, and that's what I expect as a customer. When I need his ideas, he's got them. We work one on one until things are just right. They have  become not only a vendor for my company, but friends as well.


Finger Lakes Webs offers an invaluable combination of creative design along with diligent attention to client's wishes. Invariably, developing a website will result in many unexpected hurdles in the path towards the perfect site. Marty and Finger Lakes Webs pay close attention to the task-at-hand: persist until the job meets the client's expectations.


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